Trusted Legal Advice For Rome’s Business Leaders

Commerce and professional enterprise are the lifeblood of any economy. In Rome, it is what helps foster a sense of pride in the people who live here. The many industries that interact to keep the city vibrant, require the services of experienced legal professionals to protect their interests and build agreements that last. The attorneys of Cox Byington Twyman LLP, have more than a century of combined experience. We work with business people and commercial enterprise to assist in any legal matter ahead of them. We offer a highly regarded level of service that businesses across northwestern Georgia have come to respect.

Individualized Personal Service

Each client who speaks with our lawyers gets the full benefit of our long experience and detailed understanding. Our work in all areas of the law gives us a unique perspective that can pay off for you. We offer detailed business law service in:

  • Contracts and business documents
  • Finance and banking
  • Business organization
  • Employment law
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Business disputes

We can provide solutions that are directly tailored to your unique situation. It can mean tough litigation in a contract dispute or a methodical review of disadvantageous agreements. We have the flexibility to be both creative and straightforward depending on the situation. Our promise to our clients is to build a resolution that works, and our past success stands as a testament to our dedication. If your business is in need of legal advice, you can trust in our ability to work toward your best possible resolution.

Commitment. Dedication. Honesty.

Our commercial business practice is led by attorneys Raymon Cox, William (Bill) Byington. They have practical experience with transactional law that you can rely on as well as the litigation experience to protect your interests if need be. Contact us today for a consultation on your legal matter by calling 706-784-8140.