Trusted Guidance Through Civil Litigation

Few people look forward to a lawsuit. Civil litigation is complex and often overwhelming. At Cox Byington Twyman LLP, we understand these challenges, and we have helped countless clients face them. Whether you are looking to file a complaint to resolve a dispute or are responding to a lawsuit, we are prepared to advocate for you, protect what you care about most and develop a strategy for success.

True Trial Lawyers

Many law firms practice litigation, but not all lawyers are trial lawyers. Our experienced trial team carries more than a century of combined experience on the bar and the bench. We have tried – and won – civil cases and appeals throughout Georgia, carrying a reputation for effective advocacy and tireless service to our clients.

We are prepared to assist with a wide variety of civil cases, such as those involving:

  • Real estate, including disputes over easements, adverse possession, zoning, boundaries and landlord-tenant issues
  • Business litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Probate and trust litigation
  • Divorce and other family law litigation
  • Tort claims such as unfair competition and consumer fraud
  • Civil appeals

Many clients prefer to negotiate legal disputes for a swift resolution without the expense or uncertainty of trial. However, when the opposition cannot agree to a favorable resolution, we are prepared to take the matter to court.

Contact Us For A Consultation

We offer free initial consultations at our office in Rome, over the phone or via videoconference. We invite you to join us to get answers to your questions and informed advice about your legal issue. Please call our office at 706-784-8140 or send an email to reach our team.